Pet Home Visits

PetFriends care for and feed your pet(s) at your home, when you are unable to be there, whether it just be an overnight trip or a longer period such as a holiday. A popular alternative to boarding catteries & kennels that ensures your pet is being well cared for in its own environment. I will visit your home either once or twice a day, according to your instructions, and whilst there I will: * Feed your pet(s) and provide fresh water. * Clean and/or change your pet(s) litter trays (if required) * Offer your pet(s) affection and cuddles. * Check the property is safe and secure. Open and close curtains, and turn lights on and off (if required) * Collect the post (if required). * Plant Watering.

Dog Walking

My dog walking service involves a choice of either 1/2 hour or 1 hour duration. Within my initial free 'introduction' meeting, we can together establish what routine would suit your dog best . I can either walk your dog among the familiarity of your immediate neighbourhood, or if you are choosing our 1 hour service, transport your dog to a nearby park or beach. Your dog will be put on a lead before getting out of the vehicle, as safety is my top priority. Whether you choose an on or off-lead walk for your dog, I can guarantee that he/she will have a great time with me! If your dog loves to play, I can take throw balls, frisbees etc to make it even more fun! I can also be available to feed, care for, or walk your dog if you are going to be late home or staying away overnight.


Pet Feeding & Companionship Visits $15-18 per visit (depending on location) ============================== Dog Walking (price includes up to 3 dogs) $15 for half an hour $25 for an hour